Source code for holoviews.ipython

import os
from unittest import SkipTest

import param
from IPython.core.completer import IPCompleter
from IPython.display import HTML, publish_display_data
from param import ipython as param_ext

import holoviews as hv

from ..core.dimension import LabelledData
from ..core.options import Store
from ..core.tree import AttrTree
from ..element.comparison import ComparisonTestCase
from ..plotting.renderer import Renderer
from ..util import extension
from .display_hooks import display, png_display, pprint_display, svg_display
from .magics import load_magics

AttrTree._disabled_prefixes = ['_repr_','_ipython_canary_method_should_not_exist']

[docs]def show_traceback(): """ Display the full traceback after an abbreviated traceback has occurred. """ from .display_hooks import FULL_TRACEBACK print(FULL_TRACEBACK)
[docs]class IPTestCase(ComparisonTestCase): """ This class extends ComparisonTestCase to handle IPython specific objects and support the execution of cells and magic. """
[docs] def setUp(self): super().setUp() try: import IPython from IPython.display import HTML, SVG self.ip = IPython.InteractiveShell() if self.ip is None: raise TypeError() except Exception as e: raise SkipTest("IPython could not be started") from e self.ip.displayhook.flush = lambda: None # To avoid gc.collect called in it self.addTypeEqualityFunc(HTML, self.skip_comparison) self.addTypeEqualityFunc(SVG, self.skip_comparison)
def skip_comparison(self, obj1, obj2, msg): pass def get_object(self, name): obj = self.ip._object_find(name).obj if obj is None: raise self.failureException(f"Could not find object {name}") return obj
[docs] def cell(self, line): "Run an IPython cell" self.ip.run_cell(line, silent=True)
[docs] def cell_magic(self, *args, **kwargs): "Run an IPython cell magic" self.ip.run_cell_magic(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def line_magic(self, *args, **kwargs): "Run an IPython line magic" self.ip.run_line_magic(*args, **kwargs)
[docs]class notebook_extension(extension): """ Notebook specific extension to hv.extension that offers options for controlling the notebook environment. """ css = param.String(default='', doc="Optional CSS rule set to apply to the notebook.") logo = param.Boolean(default=True, doc="Toggles display of HoloViews logo") inline = param.Boolean(default=False, doc=""" Whether to inline JS and CSS resources. If disabled, resources are loaded from CDN if one is available.""") width = param.Number(default=None, bounds=(0, 100), doc=""" Width of the notebook as a percentage of the browser screen window width.""") display_formats = param.List(default=['html'], doc=""" A list of formats that are rendered to the notebook where multiple formats may be selected at once (although only one format will be displayed). Although the 'html' format is supported across backends, other formats supported by the current backend (e.g. 'png' and 'svg' using the matplotlib backend) may be used. This may be useful to export figures to other formats such as PDF with nbconvert.""") allow_jedi_completion = param.Boolean(default=True, doc=""" Whether to allow jedi tab-completion to be enabled in IPython. Disabled by default because many HoloViews features rely on tab-completion machinery not supported when using jedi.""") case_sensitive_completion = param.Boolean(default=False, doc=""" Whether to monkey patch IPython to use the correct tab-completion behavior. """) enable_mathjax = param.Boolean(default=False, doc=""" Whether to load bokeh-mathjax bundle in the notebook.""") _loaded = False def __call__(self, *args, **params): comms = params.pop('comms', None) super().__call__(*args, **params) # Abort if IPython not found try: ip = params.pop('ip', None) or get_ipython() # noqa (get_ipython) except Exception: return # Notebook archive relies on display hooks being set to work. try: import nbformat # noqa: F401 try: from .archive import notebook_archive hv.archive = notebook_archive except AttributeError as e: if str(e) != "module 'tornado.web' has no attribute 'asynchronous'": raise except ImportError: pass # Not quite right, should be set when switching backends if 'matplotlib' in Store.renderers and not notebook_extension._loaded: svg_exporter = Store.renderers['matplotlib'].instance(holomap=None,fig='svg') hv.archive.exporters = [svg_exporter] + hv.archive.exporters p = param.ParamOverrides(self, {k:v for k,v in params.items() if k!='config'}) if p.case_sensitive_completion: from IPython.core import completer completer.completions_sorting_key = self.completions_sorting_key if not p.allow_jedi_completion and hasattr(IPCompleter, 'use_jedi'): ip.run_line_magic('config', 'IPCompleter.use_jedi = False') resources = self._get_resources(args, params) Store.display_formats = p.display_formats if 'html' not in p.display_formats and len(p.display_formats) > 1: msg = ('Output magic unable to control displayed format ' 'as IPython notebook uses fixed precedence ' 'between %r' % p.display_formats) display(HTML(f'<b>Warning</b>: {msg}')) loaded = notebook_extension._loaded if loaded == False: param_ext.load_ipython_extension(ip, verbose=False) load_magics(ip) Store.output_settings.initialize(list(Store.renderers.keys())) Store.set_display_hook('html+js', LabelledData, pprint_display) Store.set_display_hook('png', LabelledData, png_display) Store.set_display_hook('svg', LabelledData, svg_display) notebook_extension._loaded = True css = '' if p.width is not None: css += '<style>div.container { width: %s%% }</style>' % p.width if p.css: css += f'<style>{p.css}</style>' if css: display(HTML(css)) resources = list(resources) if len(resources) == 0: return from panel import config, extension as panel_extension if hasattr(config, 'comms') and comms: config.comms = comms same_cell_execution = published = getattr(self, '_repeat_execution_in_cell', False) for r in [r for r in resources if r != 'holoviews']: Store.renderers[r].load_nb(inline=p.inline) Renderer.load_nb(inline=p.inline, reloading=same_cell_execution, enable_mathjax=p.enable_mathjax) if not published and hasattr(panel_extension, "_display_globals"): panel_extension._display_globals() if hasattr(ip, 'kernel') and not loaded: Renderer.comm_manager.get_client_comm(notebook_extension._process_comm_msg, "hv-extension-comm") # Create a message for the logo (if shown) if not same_cell_execution and p.logo: self.load_logo(logo=p.logo, bokeh_logo= p.logo and ('bokeh' in resources), mpl_logo= p.logo and (('matplotlib' in resources) or resources==['holoviews']), plotly_logo= p.logo and ('plotly' in resources))
[docs] @classmethod def completions_sorting_key(cls, word): "Fixed version of IPyton.completer.completions_sorting_key" prio1, prio2 = 0, 0 if word.startswith('__'): prio1 = 2 elif word.startswith('_'): prio1 = 1 if word.endswith('='): prio1 = -1 if word.startswith('%%'): if '%' not in word[2:]: word, prio2 = word[2:], 2 elif word.startswith('%'): if '%' not in word[1:]: word, prio2 = word[1:], 1 return prio1, word, prio2
def _get_resources(self, args, params): """ Finds the list of resources from the keyword parameters and pops them out of the params dictionary. """ resources = [] disabled = [] for resource in ['holoviews'] + list(Store.renderers.keys()): if resource in args: resources.append(resource) if resource in params: setting = params.pop(resource) if setting is True and resource != 'matplotlib': if resource not in resources: resources.append(resource) if setting is False: disabled.append(resource) unmatched_args = set(args) - set(resources) if unmatched_args: display(HTML("<b>Warning:</b> Unrecognized resources '%s'" % "', '".join(unmatched_args))) resources = [r for r in resources if r not in disabled] if ('holoviews' not in disabled) and ('holoviews' not in resources): resources = ['holoviews'] + resources return resources
notebook_extension.add_delete_action(Renderer._delete_plot) def load_ipython_extension(ip): notebook_extension(ip=ip) def unload_ipython_extension(ip): notebook_extension._loaded = False