Source code for holoviews.plotting.mpl.sankey

import param
from matplotlib.collections import PatchCollection
from matplotlib.patches import Rectangle

from ...core.util import max_range
from ...util.transform import dim
from .graphs import GraphPlot
from .util import filter_styles

[docs]class SankeyPlot(GraphPlot): labels = param.ClassSelector(class_=(str, dim), doc=""" The dimension or dimension value transform used to draw labels from.""") show_values = param.Boolean(default=True, doc=""" Whether to show the values.""") label_position = param.ObjectSelector(default='right', objects=['left', 'right'], doc=""" Whether node labels should be placed to the left or right.""") node_width = param.Number(default=15, doc=""" Width of the nodes.""") node_padding = param.Integer(default=None, doc=""" Number of pixels of padding relative to the bounds.""") iterations = param.Integer(default=32, doc=""" Number of iterations to run the layout algorithm.""") node_sort = param.Boolean(default=True, doc=""" Sort nodes in ascending breadth.""") # Deprecated options color_index = param.ClassSelector(default=2, class_=(str, int), allow_None=True, doc=""" Index of the dimension from which the node labels will be drawn""") label_index = param.ClassSelector(default=2, class_=(str, int), allow_None=True, doc=""" Index of the dimension from which the node labels will be drawn""") filled = True style_opts = GraphPlot.style_opts + ['label_text_font_size']
[docs] def get_extents(self, element, ranges, range_type='combined', **kwargs): """ A Chord plot is always drawn on a unit circle. """ if range_type == 'extents': return element.nodes.extents xdim, ydim = element.nodes.kdims[:2] xpad = .05 if self.label_index is None else 0.25 x0, x1 = ranges[][range_type] y0, y1 = ranges[][range_type] xdiff = (x1-x0) ydiff = (y1-y0) if self.label_position == 'right': x0, x1 = x0-(0.05*xdiff), x1+xpad*xdiff else: x0, x1 = x0-xpad*xdiff, x1+(0.05*xdiff) x0, x1 = max_range([xdim.range, (x0, x1)]) y0, y1 = max_range([ydim.range, (y0-(0.05*ydiff), y1+(0.05*ydiff))]) return (x0, y0, x1, y1)
def get_data(self, element, ranges, style): data, style, axis_kwargs = super().get_data(element, ranges, style) rects, labels = [], [] label_dim = element.nodes.get_dimension(self.label_index) labels = self.labels if label_dim and labels: if self.label_index not in [2, None]: self.param.warning( "Cannot declare style mapping for 'labels' option " "and declare a label_index; ignoring the label_index.") elif label_dim: labels = label_dim if isinstance(labels, str): labels = element.nodes.get_dimension(labels) if labels is None: text = [] if isinstance(labels, dim): text = labels.apply(element, flat=True) else: text = element.nodes.dimension_values(labels) text = [labels.pprint_value(v) for v in text] value_dim = element.vdims[0] text_labels = [] for i, node in enumerate(element._sankey['nodes']): x0, x1, y0, y1 = (node[a+i] for a in 'xy' for i in '01') rect = {'height': y1-y0, 'width': x1-x0, 'xy': (x0, y0)} rects.append(rect) if len(text): label = text[i] else: label = '' if self.show_values: value = value_dim.pprint_value(node['value'], print_unit=True) if label: label = f'{label} - {value}' else: label = value if label: x = x1+(x1-x0)/4. if self.label_position == 'right' else x0-(x1-x0)/4. text_labels.append((label, (x, (y0+y1)/2.))) data['rects'] = rects if text_labels: data['text'] = text_labels return data, style, axis_kwargs def _update_labels(self, ax, data, style): labels = self.handles.get('labels', []) for label in labels: try: label.remove() except Exception: pass if 'text' not in data: return [] fontsize = style.get('label_text_font_size', 8) align = 'left' if self.label_position == 'right' else 'right' labels = [] for text in data['text']: label = ax.annotate(*text, xycoords='data', horizontalalignment=align, fontsize=fontsize, verticalalignment='center', rotation_mode='anchor') labels.append(label) return labels
[docs] def init_artists(self, ax, plot_args, plot_kwargs): fontsize = plot_kwargs.pop('label_text_font_size', 8) artists = super().init_artists(ax, plot_args, plot_kwargs) groups = [g for g in self._style_groups if g != 'node'] node_opts = filter_styles(plot_kwargs, 'node', groups, ('s', 'node_s')) rects = [Rectangle(**rect) for rect in plot_args['rects']] if 'vmin' in node_opts: node_opts['clim'] = node_opts.pop('vmin'), node_opts.pop('vmax') if 'c' in node_opts: node_opts['array'] = node_opts.pop('c') artists['rects'] = ax.add_collection(PatchCollection(rects, **node_opts)) plot_kwargs['label_text_font_size'] = fontsize artists['labels'] = self._update_labels(ax, plot_args, plot_kwargs) return artists
[docs] def update_handles(self, key, axis, element, ranges, style): data, style, axis_kwargs = self.get_data(element, ranges, style) self._update_nodes(element, data, style) self._update_edges(element, data, style) self.handles['labels'] = self._update_labels(axis, data, style) rects = self.handles['rects'] paths = [Rectangle(**r) for r in data['rects']] rects.set_paths(paths) if 'node_facecolors' in style: rects.set_facecolors(style['node_facecolors']) return axis_kwargs